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Co-written with Cheri Marie

Cienna Caruso


I’ve never wanted any part of the kind of life my family lives. Being the daughter of an Enforcer in the mob hasn’t come without its perks though. But, at seventeen I swore I’d never live that life and left home, only to come face to face with another Enforcer that is sexy as sin and almost as sinister as my own father.


Alessandro Ricci


They call me the Venditore di Morte, or the Dealer of Death. I’m an Enforcer, and I never miss a mark… Until now. When I get a call that a woman has been pick pocketing men in my town, it’s my job to handle it. But, when I find that the woman in question is no other than the daughter of the infamous Salvatore Caruso, I have to find an alternative route. That route landed me between two long, tanned legs... and things just got more complicated.


Rules are broken. The attraction is off the charts. And we have to decide... is it worth the risk of going up against the deadliest man alive?

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