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This Rose Has Thorns

After leaving the East Coast and moving to New Orleans, Rose Adaire was ready to start over. She’d left a good job, a bad ex-fiance, and Rose wanted nothing more to do with men, at least for now.


She landed in New Orleans and liked it so much she decided to stay. After meeting a young lady in a bakery shop, Rose found herself a place to stay, a job, and a new best friend. Learning the ropes with her new job was easy, she’s one of the girls at the upper-class club The Parlour.


The Parlour catered to only the wealthiest in New Orleans and soon Rose found herself wrapped up in a scandal with one of the wealthiest of families. She’d broken the golden rule and had fallen in love with a client... a married client at that!


Does Rose give in and find a new home away from the scandal? Or does she stick it out and have her revenge?

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